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How to prepare for your child's dental visit

The most important suggestion that we at Sparkle Dental Care can give - is not to worry. Parents worry enough as it is! If you are anxious about the appointment, there is every chance that your child will pick up on this fear and they too will become frightened. Just remember that our team is well trained and we will work with them; dependant on their level of comfort.

If your child is old enough to understand, avoid mentioning anything negative about the dentist and instead concentrate on building positive thoughts regarding the dentist. 

What to say or do that can help promote a positive relationship with visiting the dentist:

  • "You can show ...

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What to expect at my child's first dental visit

It is generally advised that your child come in for their first dental visit, when the first baby tooth is visible or when they reach 12 months - whichever comes first. Of course, if there is something concerning you, it is better to have it assessed earlier. 

The dentist will take a full medical history and look at your child's overall health and development. Although this may appear to be very casual and laid back; it is still an important milestone in your child's dental development. The initial dental visit is to start the process of getting your child accustomed to the smells, sounds, equipment and people at the dental office. ...

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My Child's First Visit to The Dentist

What an exciting moment it is, when your baby gets their first milk tooth. In fact, it's so momentous that many cultures around the world celebrate this occasion! It's with good reason that teeth should be celebrated. They play a role in breaking down food and assisting with digestion. They assist with speech and help present a positive image of ourselves to the world - through our smile. Teeth are integral to our quality of life. 

Yet, time and time again we as dentists hear, "it's only baby teeth, they're going to fall out anyway!"OR "I'll just wait till all my child's adult teeth come through before I bring them to ...

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Why are some kids more prone to dental decay?

Is your child prone to dental decay? You are not alone.
A quarter of children are found to have or have had dental decay by the time they begin primary school. This is because there is a bacterium in the mouth which breaks down the outer layer of the tooth and produces acid, creating holes in the teeth.

A great way to avoid decay is to limit sugary drinks, and brush your child’s teeth twice a day ensuring that you cover all surfaces, followed by flossing every night. However, even though some parents do this, some children have genetically weak teeth. This affects up to 14% of pre-schoolers. This is ...

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Kids Are Observant. How Does Your Child View the Dentist?

Kid at Dentist | How Does Your Child View the Dentist | Blog

A recent study looked at children’s perceptions of their dentist and found that familiarity with a family physician and a regular healthcare routine improved their opinions of the dental visit.

At Sparkle Dental Care, we welcome kids to the dentist in our Fairfield, VIC dental clinic early – by age two – to help familiarise children with the dental clinic atmosphere and our team, so they feel comfortable with their experience.

Our practitioners are highly experienced at working with kids. We take a gentle approach by following a few simple steps.

We speak to children in a language they understand.

Children are naturally curious. By encouraging questions and telling them what to expect, we ...

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.