Mouthguards in Hampton & Bayside VIC

Athletic Mouthguards Hampton vicMouthguards are one of the best ways to protect your child’s smile. Children who are involved in sporting activities are most prone to accidental injuries and fractures, especially involving the upper front teeth.

What makes our mouthguards so unique is the custom fit process. Unlike store-bought trays, our mouth guards will:

  • Fit snuggly over the teeth
  • Allow your child to speak and drink while wearing the guard
  • Stay in place should trauma occur
  • Also help protect against concussions
  • Protect the teeth against lacerations

Store bought trays fit loosely over the teeth, which makes them uncomfortable and more prone to being removed during the activity. Because of this they easily fall out if an accident occurs, preventing it from protecting from secondary trauma.

How Are Mouthguards Made?

To make a mouthguard, we take an impression of your child’s teeth. This impression is then used to create a model of his or her mouth, which we in turn use to create a form-fitting, colorful mouthguard.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

Accidents usually happen when you least expect them, especially for active children. Mouthguards may be required for some sport teams or organized athletic activities. We recommend wearing a guard whether you are a gymnast, bicyclist, football player or anything in-between!

As your child’s smile changes over time, it will be necessary to update their guard to have one that fits properly. Prime Dental Bayside is always here whenever you need us, helping you protect your smile for an entire lifetime. For more information on mouthguards for your child, speak to our friendly team by calling us today at Sparkle Dental Care.