Remineralising Treatment in Hampton and Fairfield VIC

Remineralising Treatment in Hampton and Fairfield VICWeak tooth enamel is susceptible to cavities. And when it comes to children, primary (baby) teeth are even more at risk for decay. After your, or your childs, professional clean, we will apply a concentrated fluoride gel to your teeth. Fluoride is used to remineralise the tooth enamel, making it resistant to external stimulants.

Fighting Against Tooth Decay

Cavities are a result of tooth demineralisation. If caught early enough, fillings can be completely avoided. The remineralisation of the enamel makes the tooth strong again and more resistant to tooth decay. Even if your tooth is perfectly healthy, additional fluoride can keep it strong and reduce the chances of cavities at a later point.

Tooth Sensitivity Management

Tooth sensitivity can be extremely uncomfortable. Some people have naturally sensitive teeth while others experience sensitivity from issues such as exposed root surfaces, whitening treatments and large fillings.

Applying fluoride varnish to the teeth and exposed root surfaces can effectively manage most causes of tooth sensitivity for up to 3 months. It does this by encouraging crystal development within the pores of the teeth, blocking off hypersensitive nerves. The effects are usually evident the very same day, making remineralising treatments an excellent way to also manage sensitivity.

Fluoride varnish is applied to each tooth with a small brush. Varnish has the potential to cling to the tooth surface for several hours, providing extended benefits all day long, until you brush your teeth. We typically request that our patients do not brush or floss for at least 3-4 hours after their remineralisation treatment. The slightly sticky texture can be felt on the teeth, ensuring our patients that the treatment is still working.

Children's Remineralising Treatment

As teeth are developing, the enamel uses minerals and vitamins as tooth structure begins to calcify. Fluoride is one of the most important minerals, as a lack of it can cause weak primary and permanent teeth. With the right amount of fluoride, teeth can be stronger and last longer.

Applying fluoride to your child at each check-up can limit the dental problems that they have later on. It’s just as essential as brushing, flossing and preventive cleanings! Keeping your child’s teeth stronger will give them a reason to smile in the years to come.

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