Sparkle Dental Care


This page will list the technologies used in your practice.

Intraoral Camera

Digital pictures of your teeth are taken which are then shown and discussed to you. A prognosis is then made, which means you can make treatment decisions with confidence, as it allows you to see on a monitor what we see during the examination. This allows us to point out areas of concern and explain in more detail exactly what needs to be done, such as restoring worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque build-up, cavities next to fillings and excessive tooth wear.

An intra-oral camera allows us to view a specific area of your tooth with magnification.  This tool has become a valuable addition to our practice.  Still images can be stored so that we can compare changes at each of your examinations; they can also be printed and emailed if necessary.


Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are efficient and emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, which also require film and chemical processing.  They can be stored electronically and emailed to specialists to whom you may be referred for more complex procedures.

Digital x-rays also help us monitor your treatment progress.  How often you will need to have updated digital x-rays will be dependent on your personal needs and diagnosis of your current oral health.


To ensure your optimum dental hygiene here at Sparkle Dental Care we trust and use an autoclave called Mocom Millennium B² Class B sterilizer all the instruments that we use are hand scrubbed, ultrasonically cleansed and steamed up to 134 degrees of temperature and 2.1 bar of pressure.

Soft Tissue Laser

Eliminate surgical procedures and increase patient comfort.

Amalgam Filtration System

Our state of the art amalgam removal techniques prevent metals or mercury from entering into the public water systems after being removed from the teeth.

CEREC Crowns

Often people realise the value of dentistry but imagine a long cycle of appointment after appointment and put the whole process off because they believe they just don’t have the time.

Now, with the convenience offered by CEREC, you no longer have to put off obtaining that perfect smile because it would take up too much time.

CEREC is a method to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, broken, or needs any other restoration. to its natural strength and beauty. Better yet, it's done with all-ceramic materials that are tooth coloured and completed in a single appointment.