Snoring & Sleep Apnea in Fairfield and Hampton VIC

Couple Sleeping | Fairfield VIC DentistDo you or your partner suffer from loud snoring? If you find that snoring or nighttime gasping and choking are keeping you up at night, we invite your call to learn more about how your Melbourne dentist can help.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Did you know that snoring and sleep apnoea could be improved with a trip to the dentist? Sparkle Dental Care Bayside and Fairfield offers non-invasive snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) therapy options that can help you:

  • Enjoy a more restful night’s sleep
  • Avoid using more invasive sleep appliances
  • Offer results as soon as the first night
  • Use natural methods to improve airflow

A closed airway leads to nighttime waking, choking and gasping for air. The instances could occur dozens to hundreds of times per night. Because of oxygen and sleep deprivation, untreated OSA can lead to a number of systemic health problems including heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications, weight gain and mood disorders.

Natural Sleep Remedy

Our sleep therapy techniques use your natural anatomy to improve the airflow when you lay down to rest. Some types of sleep apnoea and snoring are due to the soft tissues in the back of the throat collapsing against one another. Sparkle Dental Bayside and Fairfield uses the same techniques utilised in rescue-breathing to open your airway so that oxygen blockage does not take place. As a result, you breathe more naturally as you sleep, without having to rely on other methods that are noisy or cumbersome.

One of the options is an oral appliance designed to keep the airway open by gently positioning the jaw forward to remove the excess tissue from the back of the throat. Many patients find this option to be more convenient than CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machines, which can make it difficult to sleep and get comfortable.

We Work with Your Sleep Physician

Sleeping Couple | Sleep Apnoea Bayside VICThe dentists at Sparkle Dental Care Bayside and Fairfield work directly with your sleep physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation to determine the type of oral sleep appliance that is most effective for your needs. 

Please do not discontinue using other types of therapies unless your physician has approved the change. Together, we can formulate a care plan that helps you enjoy natural sleep patterns and possibly even omit the need for other devices.

Are You Ready to Learn More about Healthy Sleep in Hampton?

If you or your partner suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea, we invite you to call to learn more about sleep-disordered breathing and how your dentist can help. To learn more about our sleep apnoea and snoring treatments, please arrange a consultation with our dentists by calling Sparkle Dental Care today. Both our Fairfield and Hampton locations offer solutions in conjunction with accredited sleep clinics and physicians to improve your overall health and help you get a restful night’s sleep.