Dental Crowns and Bridges in Hampton & Fairfield VIC

Couple | Dental Crowns in Fairfield VIC

We provide preventive dentistry to protect teeth as much as possible. Nightguards, mouthguards and proper brushing and flossing habits all play a role in protecting the teeth and gums. Of course, sometimes, teeth sustain damage or trauma. In many cases, we will try to save the tooth as the most conservative approach to dentistry.

When tooth loss occurs, we offer dental bridges or teeth implants to replace missing teeth.

How Dental Crowns Work

Crowns completely cover the tooth like a protective helmet. We often provide crowns as an option when a tooth has been treated with a root canal or has been severely injured, cracked, traumatised or affected by deep cavities. We will always go over all of your options and leave the choice to you.

Porcelain or ceramic crowns are designed to look like natural teeth. Each of our cosmetic dental crowns is made of tooth-coloured material and shaded to match the adjacent teeth, allowing the final tooth crown to blend in with the overall smile. When paired with other types of cosmetic therapies, our crowns can help you restore the ideal appearance that you may want from your smile.

The Dental Crown Process

We offer both conventional crown therapy as well as same-day crowns. Traditional crowns require two appointments, with the tooth prepared and an impression taken at the first visit, and the permanent crown bonded into place about two weeks later. 

Same-day CEREC crowns are made and delivered in just one appointment, preventing the need to return for a separate visit. Just like porcelain crowns, same-day crowns are made of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials that enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Without a crown, compromised teeth are not able to withstand normal biting and chewing forces. Those teeth that are severely fractured, cracked or decayed would continue to decompose, as a filling only seals the tooth and does not encase it completely.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Bayside VICFixed dental bridges are similar to crowns, with an artificial tooth suspended between two custom crowns. The functional crowns are anchored over healthy teeth while the false tooth replaces a tooth (or two) that has been lost to disease or trauma.

Crown and Bridge Materials

At Sparkle Dental Care in Melbourne, we offer several types of crown materials so that our patients can choose the one that best fits their needs. Some examples of material selections include porcelain, zirconia and gold. The material selected will depend on the location of the crown and the aesthetic preferences of our patients.

Our dentists will thoroughly review the benefits of each of the materials with you so that you can select the most appropriate one.

How Same-Day Crowns Work

We are proud to offer same day in-house crowns. Thanks to our on-site CEREC technology, our patients can reduce their crown appointments from two to one. We use digital CAD/CAM technology to scan the tooth and an onsite crown mill to fabricate your crown in just a few hours. 

We Offer Dental Crowns and Bridges in Hampton, VIC

To find out more information about our crown and bridge treatments, or to arrange a dental exam, contact either our Fairfield or Hampton dental clinic. We warmly welcome new patients.