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Smile More with Implant-Retained Dentures

For some people, good denture fit poses a challenge, especially in the event of bone loss or simply because of the shape of the mouth. Dealing with dentures that shift or fall when eating and smiling may cause feelings of self-consciousness and make denture use uncomfortable.Recent research indicates that when patients opt for dental implants to retain dentures, they report an improved quality of life.We offer implant-retained dentures in our Fairfield dental clinic for the convenience and health of our patients.Implant-Retained DenturesDental implants require precise planning and evaluation to determine that adequate bone exists to support the implant post and the support from chewing.Dental implant surgery completed in our dental ...

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What You Need to Know about Nicotine and Cavities

Nicotine has long been associated with an increased risk for oral disease – both periodontal disease and an increased risk of oral cancer. In addition to the risks inside your mouth, periodontal disease impacts the entire body.A recent study published in the Journal of Dental Science discovered a link between nicotine use, both in smoking and chewing tobacco, and an increased risk of dental caries (decay).As it turns out, nicotine encourages bacteria to attach to exposed roots of the teeth, such as in instances of gum recession.Quitting smoking will likely improve many aspects of health. Though it can be a tough habit to give up, more help exists today ...

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3 Tips for Finding a Great Dentist in Hampton

Dental Cleaning | Finding a Great Dentist | Blog
Finding a family dentist in Hampton to provide dental care for your family is a big decision. Your dentist is an essential part of your healthcare team and plays a significant role in your overall wellness.As with choosing a physician, choosing a dentist requires careful research because developing rapport and trust with your dentist will improve your overall experience.3 Tips for Finding a Great Dentist in HamptonChoose a dentist who makes you feel comfortable. Above all else, you must feel comfortable and welcome in the surgery. Our profession at Sparkle Dental Care is taking care of oral health, but our passion is making patients smile. We want you to feel ...

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Kids Are Observant. How Does Your Child View the Dentist?

Kid at Dentist | How Does Your Child View the Dentist | Blog
A recent study looked at children’s perceptions of their dentist and found that familiarity with a family physician and a regular healthcare routine improved their opinions of the dental visit.At Sparkle Dental Care, we welcome kids to the dentist in our Fairfield, VIC dental clinic early – by age two – to help familiarise children with the dental clinic atmosphere and our team, so they feel comfortable with their experience.Our practitioners are highly experienced at working with kids. We take a gentle approach by following a few simple steps.We speak to children in a language they understand.Children are naturally curious. By encouraging questions and telling them what to expect, we ...

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5 Tips for Cutting Back on Soft Drinks

Glass of Water | Cut Back on Soft Drinks | Sparkle Dental Care
Soft drinks and sugar-filled juice taste fantastic, but they could be putting your smile at risk. Giving up the habit of sugar-filled drinks can be difficult, especially if you have been drinking them for years. Not only is giving up the soft drink habit better for your smile, but it also supports healthy weight and helps to avoid common medical conditions that can alter your overall health.Here are 5 tips to make it easier to give up sugary drinks:Drink Plenty of WaterAvoiding beverages altogether can cause dehydration. Keeping cold water with fruit slices on hand will make it easier to enjoy flavour without the unnecessary calories and sugar. A blend ...

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Is It Time for Your Next Clean?

Dental Cleaning | Sparkle Dental Care
Because busy schedules with school and work can make booking a dental appointment challenging, it’s easy to miss multiple dental check-ups and cleans in lieu of other seemingly more urgent needs. Unfortunately, missing just a few professional cleans may lead to tartar build-up on the teeth, which can cause bad breath and periodontal disease.How Often Do I Need a Cleaning and Exam?As your dentist in Fairfield, Victoria, we never make recommendations without an exam because each patient is unique and deserves dental care customised to their individual needs.For most patients, twice yearly cleans will be enough to keep common conditions such as periodontal disease and decay away. For others, more ...

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