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Are Dental Bridges Permanent?

October 27, 2021
Posted By: Sparkle Dental Care
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Where technical terminology is concerned, the best names are those that are self-explanatory. For example, if you call it a heater, its function is pretty straightforward. Additionally, no one should have to ask what a paper clip does. The name says it all. A dental bridge is another example of this type of moniker.

When you are missing one or more adjacent teeth, a dental bridge replaces those teeth. It works by attaching to your natural teeth on either side, then ‘bridging’ the gap with artificial teeth. Dental bridges come in a few types that impact their permanence.

Traditional Dental Bridges

A traditional bridge is a type of partial denture distinguished by how it attaches to adjacent teeth. The earliest clips just wrapped around a tooth on either side of the gap. But in more contemporary times, dental bridge attachments come in many types with more security and durability. Your dentist may even place a special crown on one or both adjacent teeth to create a firmer base for your dental bridge.

Implant Dentures, All-on-4

Dental implants support implant dentures to create a long-lasting anchor in your mouth. In addition, they have a thinner design with tiny and precise attachments, which makes a better fit and improved function. If your dental bridge is implant-supported, then you have the most permanent dental bridge option available today. So long as you maintain your surrounding teeth and the gums beneath your bridge, it will last for years.

Traditional Dental Bridge vs the Dental Implant Option

When choosing between these two restorations, you should decide on your priorities. If cost is your top consideration, then a conventional bridge is likely more cost-effective so long as your natural teeth can support the bridge. However, if your natural teeth are damaged, an implant-support option will also replace the damaged tooth with a durable restoration.

If time is your main priority, then you can be sure a conventional dental bridge will be ready sooner, perhaps with a few weeks. But due to the surgical implantation and healing process, an implant-supported option will not be complete for three months up to half a year.

Dental Bridges in Hampton and Fairfield

When you are considering your options for replacing a tooth or teeth, a dental bridge, whether conventional or implant-supported, will be an ideal restoration. If you’d like to learn more about what option is best for you, give Sparkle Dental Care a call. You can reach our Bayside dental clinic on (03) 9598 5505 or our Fairfield dental clinic on (03) 9481 4392.