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Why are some kids more prone to dental decay?

October 21, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kai Xu
Tooth Diagram | Dentist in Hampton VIC

Is your child prone to dental decay? You are not alone.
A quarter of children are found to have or have had dental decay by the time they begin primary school. This is because there is a bacterium in the mouth which breaks down the outer layer of the tooth and produces acid, creating holes in the teeth.

A great way to avoid decay is to limit sugary drinks, and brush your child’s teeth twice a day ensuring that you cover all surfaces, followed by flossing every night. However, even though some parents do this, some children have genetically weak teeth. This affects up to 14% of pre-schoolers. This is called “Hypo mineralised Teeth”. This means that the outer layer of the tooth doesn’t develop properly, which makes the tooth weaker and more prone to dental decay.

Dentists can detect these signs before the teeth break down. There is also treatment called ‘fissure sealants’ which dentists like to do for kids, meaning that they place a protective coat over the weak parts of the tooth.

It is important to bring your children to your dentist every 6 months to avoid problems such as this. It is also a good idea to start bringing your child in as early as 1 year old, or when the first teeth can be seen.

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