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Kids Are Observant. How Does Your Child View the Dentist?

January 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kai Xu
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A recent study looked at children’s perceptions of their dentist and found that familiarity with a family physician and a regular healthcare routine improved their opinions of the dental visit.

At Sparkle Dental Care, we welcome kids to the dentist in our Fairfield, VIC dental clinic early – by age two – to help familiarise children with the dental clinic atmosphere and our team, so they feel comfortable with their experience.

Our practitioners are highly experienced at working with kids. We take a gentle approach by following a few simple steps.

We speak to children in a language they understand.

Children are naturally curious. By encouraging questions and telling them what to expect, we eliminate the fear of the unknown. We avoid scary terminology or overly clinical language and opt for plain language, delivered conscientiously, to help kids understand their procedure.

We make their visits interactive.

Children love to learn. By demonstrating proper oral hygiene and encouraging children to take care of their own teeth, they become engaged in their oral health and smiles.

Our dentists work at each child’s pace.

Every child is different. Your child’s threshold and attention span is something we consider. We never force treatment and will stop straightaway if we notice that your little one is getting antsy or losing interest.

Parents are welcome.

Some children want to be independent and attend their visit in the chair without their parent present. Others want the extra reassurance. We present this as a choice with the understanding that kids often change their minds.

Finding a kids dentist in Fairfield, VIC offers many options. We encourage parents to get in touch with our surgery with questions or to arrange a booking. You are welcome to bring your little one to your appointment. We love to see little smiles.