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March 27, 2018
Posted By: Kai Xu
Life is busy. There is always something more important than dental health at some stage of our life.  Front teeth are visible and most people can brush them pretty well, but it is hard to clean the back teeth and that's where most of food debris can accumulate.  And if oral health is not maintained professionally at a regular basis, dental decay can occur and it is usually too late when a person starts to have toothache and noticed a large cavity in a back tooth. Some people may think that loss of one back tooth does not seem to be a problem.  However, loss of multiple back teeth can lead to significant functional and aesthetic issues for mouth and face. 
Back teeth are not only used for chewing food but also supporting and maintaining the facial height and profile.  People without adequate back teeth usually have severely worn front teeth, which they may find hard for everyday function and maintenance in long term.  Additionally, if the mouth's inner structure collapses,  people tend to lose the support for lips and cheek. Wrinkles usually appear later in life, but occasionally they are likely noted around mouth of people in younger years.  The reason is that the lips stretch as they contract and fold when the mouth is closed. Wrinkles are affected by the amount of folding of the lips that happens upon closing and by the healthiness of the skin.  More folding occurs when the mouth collapses from lost and worn teeth, which makes wrinkles around mouth sooner than you might expect them. 
In the past, it was well accepted that people lose teeth when growing older and old people  would lose all their teeth eventually before wearing dentures. However, with the advancement of  oral health science, materials and technology as well as the demand of maintaining high quality of life, there are more and more elderly  people  who are determined to and be able to keep and maintain optimal function as well as appearance. They can continue to enjoy all kinds of food and prolong an active life style. 
For those who have lost some back teeth, there are different options to re-establish the back teeth support for the mouth and face such as denture, bridge or dental implant. 
At Sparkle Dental Care, it is our great honor to look after a wide range of age groups from one year old to 99 years old. We believe in "Prevention is better than cure".  Besides providing optimal treatment options according to individual needs, we believe that regular dental maintenance is the key to keeping up oral health and minimize the risks of  oral infection and tooth loss. We are here to help everyone live the best life for their whole life!