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3 Reasons to Wear Your Retainer following Invisalign Treatment

May 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kai Xu
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We proudly offer Invisalign in our Fairfield dental surgery as an alternative to brackets and wires. Many of our adult and teen patients prefer clear aligners over other types of orthodontic treatment. Retainer use will ensure that your smile stays as perfect as the day you finished your treatment.

#1 Avoid Orthodontic Relapse

When we move teeth, securing them in place will prevent them from drifting toward their original location. When teeth move after orthodontics, the condition is called orthodontic relapse. Many of our patients come to us seeking Invisalign because they failed to wear retainers in the past.

#2 Bone Needs Time to Stabilise

Orthodontic relapse is most likely in the months immediately following completion. During this time, we recommend using them both during the day and at night. Eventually, as the bone and teeth adjust to their new position, you will be able to wear your retainer only at night.

We will monitor your progress and let you know how many hours a day retainer use is required to protect your new smile. One of the retainer options feature crystal clear aligners just like your Invisalign trays, so they will not have a negative impact on our smile.

#3 Protect Your Investment

We have worked hard together to achieve the straight, beautiful smile you wanted when you first came in for your Invisalign consultation. You have invested time and money into your smile, and now it is time to protect it. Retainer use is a necessary part of orthodontic dentistry, which is why we offer a number of retainer options in our Fairfield dental clinic following Invisalign treatment.

We will go over all of your treatment options before you complete your Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

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