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Is Root Canal Therapy a Dental Emergency?

April 10, 2020
Posted By: Sparkle Dental Care
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Root canal therapy in Hampton treats root infections—restoring your tooth to better health and relieving any pain. In some cases, root infections have not symptoms and are found during a routine exam. Other times, a root infection is excruciating and requires an emergency dental appointment in Fairfield or Hampton.

Additionally, we consider any infection a serious situation that requires treatment as soon as possible. If your dentist finds infection during a routine exam—even if it is not causing you pain—he will treat at the first opportunity.

What Is a Root Infection?

A root infection means the root and pulp of your tooth are damaged or infected. This can result from trauma or severe and profound decay.

Sometimes, if the root is dead or damaged, you may not feel too much pain. Your dentist will find the infection, however, during your routine dental check-up.

If symptoms do show up, you may notice:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw or face swelling
  • Blister on the gum

When you have a root infection, your dentist in Fairfield or Hampton wants to treat the problem as soon as possible. We do not want the infection to spread, and we don’t want to extract the tooth due to severe and untreated damage.

The Root Canal Process

Root canal treatments have an unfair reputation for being painful. The confusion is simple. Root canal therapy relieves pain.

Your dentist numbs the area, gently extracts the root and pulp of the infected tooth and closes it with a healthy wash and temporary filling. At a follow-up appointment, your dentist typically crowns your tooth to restore stability and help prevent breakage.  

For Root Canal Treatment, We Welcome Your Call

The team at Sparkle Dental Care provide services to help you maintain a healthy smile, and we consider all infections dental emergencies. Call our clinic to arrange a booking.

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