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Smile More with Implant-Retained Dentures

February 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kenny Lee
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For some people, good denture fit poses a challenge, especially in the event of bone loss or simply because of the shape of the mouth. Dealing with dentures that shift or fall when eating and smiling may cause feelings of self-consciousness and make denture use uncomfortable.

Recent research indicates that when patients opt for dental implants to retain dentures, they report an improved quality of life.

We offer implant-retained dentures in our Fairfield dental clinic for the convenience and health of our patients.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental implants require precise planning and evaluation to determine that adequate bone exists to support the implant post and the support from chewing. 

Dental implant surgery completed in our dental clinic is generally well tolerated by patients. With surgical planning and imaging, we place dental implants in the ideal location to ensure success.

An immediate denture can be designed to complete the smile during the healing phase of treatment, so you never have to be without teeth.

Typically, between 4-6 dental implants on the upper arch, lower arch, or both will retain dentures in place with a locking mechanism that you can release to clean and maintain dentures.

Once full integration occurs – typically between 3-4 months, you will receive your new denture in our Fairfield, VIC dental surgery, along with instructions on how to care for your implant dentures and the type of maintenance that will keep them feeling and looking their best.

Implant-retained dentures do not move during daily use and can improve the variety of food you can eat. Patients with implant-retained dentures never need to worry about denture mishaps that can positively impact your life.

Conventional Dentures and Partials

We also offer traditional dentures and partial dentures, depending on patient-specific needs. 

Conventional dentures replace a full arch of missing teeth.

Partial dentures complete smiles for patients missing multiple, but not all, teeth.

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