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5 Tips for Cutting Back on Soft Drinks

December 28, 2017
Posted By: Dr Kenny Lee
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Soft drinks and sugar-filled juice taste fantastic, but they could be putting your smile at risk. Giving up the habit of sugar-filled drinks can be difficult, especially if you have been drinking them for years. Not only is giving up the soft drink habit better for your smile, but it also supports healthy weight and helps to avoid common medical conditions that can alter your overall health.

Here are 5 tips to make it easier to give up sugary drinks:

Drink Plenty of Water

Avoiding beverages altogether can cause dehydration. Keeping cold water with fruit slices on hand will make it easier to enjoy flavour without the unnecessary calories and sugar. A blend of mint and cucumber makes a refreshing treat when the summer heat becomes stifling.

Eat Whole Fruit When Cravings Develop

Quitting sugar may create cravings. Rather than reaching for a soft drink to quell the craving, eat a piece of whole fruit for the health and nutritional benefits. It can take the urgency out of a craving.

Substitute Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened herbal or green tea offers flavour and can be satisfying while making it possible to avoid soft drinks and juice with added sugar.

Slowly Decrease Soft Drinks

If feel committed to giving up junk food or soft drinks, you might find it beneficial to make a chart, gradually reducing your intake over time. This may help to control cravings while still making incremental steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Stay Motivated with Literature and Information

Finding supporting literature, articles and information to help you through challenges may make it easier to quit soft drinks. Your dentist in Hampton, Victoria, is also a wealth of information and knowledge to make the process easier. Give us a call to arrange a booking for a dental exam where you will have time to discuss any concerns you may have with one of our skilled clinicians.