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Traditional Braces Compared with Invisalign

January 29, 2021
Posted By: Sparkle Dental Care
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Traditional braces have corrected many smiles, but patients typically want a more discreet orthodontic option to bring their smiles in line.

With Invisalign in Hampton, we rely on clear aligners instead of the metal and wires that make up traditional braces. Our patients have been pleased with their results.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces work well to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. They rely on brackets on your teeth. These brackets are threaded with aligning wires that your dentist adjusts throughout treatment, usually every few weeks.

There is no way to conceal treatment with braces, and the metal may scratch or rub sensitive tissue at some points during therapy.

Traditional braces may take several or up to two years of continuous wear, depending on your specific orthodontic issues.

Invisalign in Hampton

Invisalign is made of custom aligners taken from impressions of your mouth. These aligners are changed out every few weeks at home, and you move on to the next in the series. With Invisalign, you may not have to visit the dentist as often compared with traditional braces.

Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your aligners when eating, brushing and flossing, which we think is a fantastic benefit.

The Invisalign treatment timeline is similar to the timeframe with traditional braces, and it is always based on your specific needs.

Learn Whether Invisalign is Right for You

To learn whether Invisalign will correct your unique orthodontic issues, we recommend arranging a consultation with your Fairfield dentist. At this appointment, your dentist will talk to you about your smile goals and what Invisalign can do to help you reach those objectives.

Are You Ready for a Straighter Smile?

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or if you have questions about clear aligners, a member of our team is happy to chat with you today.