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How painful is a root canal?

You have probably heard about root canal procedures and how painful they are, but we are happy to tell you that the root canal procedure itself is not an especially painful procedure for patients. Root canal therapy tends to have a bad reputation, but the reputation is unwarranted. 

At Sparkle Dental Care, your comfort during your root canal is our top priority. Our empathetic team will thoroughly numb your tooth before beginning the procedure. During the treatment, you may notice some pressure, but it shouldn’t be painful. 

It is also important to remember that patients who need a root canal procedure are often in significant pain before the procedure, which is why it is necessary in the first place. The root canal procedure actually works to relieve the patient’s pain instead of causing it. After the root canal procedure, the patient often experiences immediate relief, and they can also enjoy better oral health. 

Do I Need a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal may be necessary if you have a severe toothache, ongoing tooth sensitivity, swelling, or other signs of dental problems. To give you a definite answer, we would need to examine you in our Bayside dental clinic. 

Dedicated Dentist in Bayside

Our knowledgeable and dedicated Sparkle Dental Care team are here to help you with your dental health needs. We are skilled in treating dental problems with root canal therapy, and we invite you to reach out to our dental clinic if you are experiencing tooth pain.