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Which Toothpaste Should I Be Using

With the never ending number of options available, (even within the same brand) it is no wonder the choice can be confusing!

What Goes into a Good Toothpaste

From a dentist’s perspective the main purpose of toothpaste is to act as a carrier for the mineral fluoride. The topical use of fluoride assists with the rebuilding of teeth which have been weakened by bacteria. This in turn reduces the incidence of decay and dental cavities. It therefore stands that any toothpaste that contains fluoride is suitable for the job!

Other components which make up toothpastes may include antibacterial agents and components which give the user the sensation of a fresh mouth e.g. fresh taste and foaming agents. Toothpastes that purport whitening effects may have more abrasive particles to assist with removal of stains. Whilst toothpastes such as sensodyne, have particles that assist with decreasing sensitivity. 

For certain patients at greater risk of decay, the dentist may advise toothpastes with a higher concentration of fluoride.

Best Toothpaste for Children

When it comes to children, it is imperative that a toothpaste specific for their age is used. These toothpastes contain less fluoride. In children where adult teeth are still developing, excess fluoride can result in weak and deformed teeth e.g. hypomineralisation. This is where age specific toothpastes come in handy – they help decrease the rate of decay but are less likely to damage developing teeth.

Here at Sparkle Dental Care we recommend you choose a toothpaste that you and your family are comfortable using. If you are having difficulties navigating around the abundance of choice, have specific intolerances or concerns we are always happy to assist!