Children's Dentistry in Hampton & Fairfield

children's dentistry bayside VICRegular check-ups keep your child's smile strong, reduce their risk for orthodontic concerns later on, and give you a chance to ask questions about your child's oral development.

During your child's check-up, our dentists will assess his or her:

Tooth Development and Hygiene

How is your child's dental health and oral hygiene? We will assess the health of each individual tooth and screen for problems such as cavities, infections or abscesses. Early intervention can save his or her smile. We also use digital x-rays to assess the development of unerupted teeth. Erupted teeth are inspected visually, to ensure that everything is developing, as it should.

Eruption Patterns

As teeth erupt and fall out, they do so in a set order. Premature tooth loss can impact the eruption of developing teeth underneath. This would in turn lead to occlusal complications and the need for orthodontic therapy in the future. With proper oversight, changes in eruption patterns can be monitored to promote healthy eruption of all teeth, regardless of whether or not something happens out of order.

Fissures and Sealants

Pit and fissure sealants help your child avoid tooth decay by blocking out bacteria that are hard to remove from deep grooves and pits. We typically recommend placing sealants on the back permanent molars soon after they erupt.

Having a sealant placed is very simple. No shots or drilling are needed! Instead, the tooth is isolated and thoroughly dried off. Then a conditioner is placed on it for several seconds, which is then rinsed away and the tooth dried off one more time. Finally, the sealant material is brushed onto the grooves and pits with a small applicator and then cured with a bright light. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes per tooth to complete.

Sealants are not permanent like fillings, so it is possible for them to be pulled off with sticky foods. Avoiding things like taffy or caramel can help the sealants last for several years. When children have sealants on their permanent molars, they are much less likely to suffer from common childhood cavities on those teeth.

Speech Patterns and Habits

Does your child suck his or her thumb? Do certain oral anomalies impact the speech patterns of your child? Certain types of oral habits can interfere with the development of your child's smile, and some speech habit corrections as simple as a tight piece of skin under the tongue or next to the lip. If necessary, we can use a soft tissue laser to correct this and help improve their speech.

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