Root Canal Treatment in Hampton and Fairfield VIC

Root Canal Treatment in Bayside and Fairfield VICIf a tooth has been badly damaged by tooth decay, infection or trauma, the nerve of the tooth becomes non-vital. When this happens the tooth will begin to experience discoloration, internal resorption, or spread infection to other areas of the mouth. To prevent the tooth from being lost entirely, endodontic therapy is necessary. This process is otherwise known as having a root canal.

Symptoms and risk factors of internally damaged teeth may include:

  • Darkening of the tooth enamel
  • Mobility
  • Sensitivity to pressure, sweet, hot or cold 
  • History of damage (even if it occured years earlier)

Endodontic Therapy

During a root canal, the damaged nerve tissues are removed from inside of the tooth. The canal is then cleansed and sealed off to prevent reinfection. This process preserves the tooth so that it can continue to function for several more years.

After the root canal, a full coverage crown is placed on top of the tooth. This is because the tooth is no longer alive and can be too brittle to withstand normal use. A crown will protect the exposed portion of the tooth from breakage and wear.

Patient comfort is our top priority. During your root canal we will numb the area of the mouth being treated, allowing you to remain as comfortable as possible. The entire procedure typically feels no different than most other types of dental treatment.

An exam and x-ray is all that is needed to determine whether or not your tooth needs a root canal. Visit Sparkle Dental Care to get the answers you need and the care you deserve.