TMJ and Bruxism in Fairfield & Hampton VIC

TMJ and Bruxism in Hampton and Fairfield VICDid you know that chronic grinding and clenching (bruxism) could lead to TMJ disorders? Common symptoms include:

  • Worn, flat teeth
  • Broken restorations
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • A stressful lifestyle

Protecting Your Teeth Against Clenching and Grinding

Using non-invasive splints, Prime Dental Bayside can help you avoid muscle pain, tooth wear and related TMJ disorders. Each of our splints comfortably fits over your teeth and can be worn when you are sleeping or during the day if necessary.

Wearing the splint causes the upper and lower teeth to be placed slightly apart from each other by just a few millimeters. In turn, this prevents the muscles of the jaw from being fully engaged when the mouth is closed – which in turn prevents pain and related headaches.

Do I have TMJ Disorder?

During every patient exam, our dentists will assess the function and anatomy of the TMJ and surrounding sot tissue structures. Checking for clicking, popping, deviation and other factors help us pinpoint whether or not a disorder is present. Chronic stress from inadequate sleep, demanding jobs or medical needs can also cause people to clench or grind their teeth, making it worse.

The biting and wear patterns of the teeth will also be examined. Sometimes simply adjusting the bite or existing restorations can improve the comfort of your jaws throughout day-to-day wear.

TMJ screenings are a part of all new patient exams and routine check-ups. Schedule your next appointment with Sparkle Dental Care to learn more about how we can help.