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What Is Laser Dentistry?

September 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kenny Lee
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Laser dentistry is offered at our Bayside, VIC clinic as a minimally invasive option that can treat gum surgery, cavities, and other oral issues. Dentists also use lasers to remove overgrown oral tissue and as part of the teeth whitening process. Other medical professionals also use lasers, but its use in dentistry is often news to many.

What Does Laser Dentistry Entail?

A laser is an extremely focused light beam that can be used for a variety of purposes in the dental surgery. Because it is minimally invasive, it provides many benefits for patients, including faster healing times, fewer sutures, and less blood loss. Patients might also be able to forego anaesthesia while undergoing procedures.

It is commonly used for:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Canker sores and cold sores
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Benign oral tumours
  • Biopsies

What Happens During Laser Dentistry?

Many of our patients notice that when they come in for laser dentistry, it isn’t all that different from other dental appointments. If a surgical procedure is planned, patients may receive anaesthesia, although they probably won’t need as much as they would have without lasers. Anxious patients might also receive a sedative.

During the procedure, there is none of the discomfort that you would feel with a dental drill. If there is bleeding, it will be minimal and wiped away as normal. But because laser procedures cause less bleeding than a scalpel, there will not be an open wound afterwards.

Post-operative irritation will be minimal, and healing should happen relatively quickly. Follow your dentist’s instructions for post-op care.

Modern Dentistry at Sparkle Dental Care

Laser dentistry is just one way our Bayside, VIC clinic makes treatment more comfortable for our patients. We always welcome new patients, and we invite you to call to make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing your smile.