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My Child's First Visit to The Dentist

July 15, 2019
Posted By: Dr Kenny Lee
Child at Dentist | Fairfield Dental Clinic

What an exciting moment it is, when your baby gets their first milk tooth. In fact, it's so momentous that many cultures around the world celebrate this occasion! It's with good reason that teeth should be celebrated. They play a role in breaking down food and assisting with digestion. They assist with speech and help present a positive image of ourselves to the world - through our smile. Teeth are integral to our quality of life. 

Yet, time and time again we as dentists hear, "it's only baby teeth, they're going to fall out anyway!"OR "I'll just wait till all my child's adult teeth come through before I bring them to the dentist."

Visits to the dentist are about more than just checking teeth; although that is a vital part. For a child, dental visits are also about educating the the parents and children about good oral hygiene, discussing diet, assessing and reviewing growth of the jay bones, picking up concerns early (e.g. missing teeth), checking the lips, gums and tongue. The dentist is checking the entire mouth as well as assessing its growth dependant on the rest of the face.