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Computer-guided Implant Surgery with Dio NAVI

April 14, 2018
Posted By: Dr Kenny Lee

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery with Dio NAVI

Dental implants are stable and effective treatment for replacing missing teeth. They are surgically placed in your jawbones and are designed to function very similarly to natural teeth.

Digital dental technology has improved significantly which has allowed implant technique which is less invasive and more effective i.e. computer-guided surgery.

Dio-Navi is a system developed by an implant company, DIO, that has developed a system where the margin of error has been reduced close to 0%. The quality of guides fabricated by Dio Navi has allowed pin-point placement of dental implants which were near impossible with traditional direct look-gauge-place type implant dentistry where gum flap/incision is required to visualise bone position to place implant.

Computer-guided dental implant surgery at Sparkle Dental care allows Dr Lee to place implants in a safe, precise and predictable manner with minimal tissue damage with small tissue punch instead of an incision and flap. This technology takes away a lot of manual calculation and variables involved in determining which site is best to place the implants.

Now, we can do implants without surgical flaps (only small tissue punch into the gum tissue to visualise bone position instead of a wide incision and gum retraction to expose bone to visualise). This makes postoperative recovery for our patient recovery virtually non-existent – minimal to no bleeding and even need for sutures have become virtually non-existent.

Advantages of computer-guided implant surgery over traditional implant placement

  • Computer-guided implant placement eliminates the need for wide incision and flap opening or detachment of the gums thus preventing tissue trauma, bleeding and post-surgical discomfort. Only a tissue punch (round hole with size of the planned implant) is generally required.
  • Recovery is much better. You can resume their normal activity after the surgery.
  • Treatment time is considerably reduced as guided surgery allows for reduced steps during implant placement. This allows you to avoid having mouth open for long durations.
  • Implant position is pre-planned with final crown/bridge position in mind thus it greatly increases aesthetics and function of the final restoration.

What is Dio Navi Guided Surgery?

With advancement in 3D technology, computer-guided surgery allows Dr Lee to place the implants in a pre-planned site with greater accuracy. This technique has simplified the procedure for both patients and Dr Lee greatly.

Using specialized Dio Navi software, position, angulation, size of implant can be predetermined and enable us to do the procedure calculated to greatest accuracy with virtually zero margin of error.

Steps involved in Preparing for Dio Navi computer guided implant treatment.

The patient will get a Cone Beam CT scan. We also take impressions of teeth for study models or digital scan of the teeth depending on requirements. With these two forms of record we're ready to start planning the implant placement. There is no need to see the patient until the day of the intervention.

With the images of the jaw and bone anatomy in our screen, we carefully plan the most suitable implant type and positioning. We also get to view the ideal place for dentures or crowns in the future.

Once the planning process is done, the Dio laboratory will send us a customized surgical guide that will be used during surgery. This guide has sleeves where implant treatment is guided through with great accuracy.